Treadmills Elliplicals Multi Gym Exercise Bikes Strength General Equipment Accessories
IT Series
IF Series
IT-7001 Smith Machine
IT-7002 Seated Preacher Curl
IT-7003 AB Bench
IT-7004 Stretch
IT-7005 Seated Calf Raise
IT-7006 Leg Press / Hack Squat
IT-7007 Multi Hyper Extension
IT-7009 Flat Bench
IT-7010 Vertical Knee Raise
IT-7011 Multi Adjustable Bench
IT-7012 Pairs Dumbell Rack
IT-7013 Multi AB Bench
IT-7014 Olympic Flat Bench
IT-7015 Olympic Incline Bench
IT-7016 Olympic Decline Bench
IT-7017 Olympic Weight Tree
IT-9002 Diverging Lat Pull/Down
IT-9003 ARM Curl
IT-9004 Pectoral
IT-9005 Leg Extension
IT-9006 Seated Leg Curl
IT-9008 HIP Abductor / Adductor
IT-9009 Rotary HIP
IT-9010 Leg Press
IT-9012 Converging Shoulder Press
IT-9013 Cable Crossover
IT-9014 Abdominal Crunch
IT-9015 PEC FLY / Rear Delt
IT-9018 Rotary Torso
IT-9019 Diverging Select Row
IT-9020 DIP Chin Assist
IT-9021 Prone Leg Curl
IT-9022 Lat Pull / Vertical Row
IT-9024 Lateral Raise
IT-9026 Glute Master
IT-9030 Functional Trainer
IT-9031 Chest Press
IT-9033 Abdominal Crunch
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